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Jan13-Jun18 // PhD // University of Glasgow // Snap, Pan, Zoom, Click, Grab and the Embodied Archive of Geographic Information Systems // Human Geography // Investigating ‘what is’ GIS from an arts and humanities perspective // Undertaking extensive literature reviews on critical GIS, digital geographies, geoweb, creative geographies // Proposing a ‘Manifesto for Creative GIS’// Digital Humanities Methods // Focus on visual literacy and creativity with digital technologies and practices //

2010-2012 // MA // Creative Practice for Narrative Environments // Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London // I took classes on museum and exhibition design, spatial theory, and communication design //

2005-2008 // BA(Hons) // Contemporary Fine Art // Sheffield Hallam University // I took classes in visual culture, art and philosophy, and 20th century art history. I was introduced to the writings of Roland Barthes, John Berger and Susan Sontag. My undergraduate dissertation focused on formalist sculpture and painting //


Sep19-Feb20 // Research Associate // Gardens Can Grow Here: Humanitarian Place Making, Citizen Science, and Farming Expertises in Refugee Camps // University of Glasgow // Undertaking field work in Dzaleka Refugee camp for two months // Leading a citizen science environmental monitoring project with refugees // Supervising a team of undergraduate environmental science students //

May19-Jul19 // Research Assistant // BlueGreenGrey // Univeristy of Glasgow // Community outreach project on rain gardens and urban drainage systems // Conducting mobile interviews using spatial video geonarrative (SVG) method // creating a storymap of outreach activities // Designing and leading stakeholder feedback workshops //

Dec18-Mar19 // Postdoctoral Research Associate // Lost limbs, lives and livelihoods: understanding community behavioural change and the role of remote data collection approaches for Mine Risk Education (MRE) in Myanmar // University of Glasgow // Planing and carrying out qualitative research strategy for fieldwork activities in Myanmar // Trialling Spatial Video Geonarrative (SVG) Method with HALO Trust Mine Risk Educators // Undertaking a comprehensive literature review of Humanitarian Mine Action // Analysing, mapping, and evaluating HALO Trust mine risk education surveys and surveying techniques // Reporting to stakeholders on research findings //

Apr17-Mar18 // Postdoctoral Research Associate // Mapping Geoviolence in Malawi // University of Glasgow // Organising a fieldtrip to Malawi for an interdisciplinary team of researchers // Undertaking interviews and focus groups with research participants during field trip to Malawi // Planning and facilitating the delivery of workshops on Creative Geovisualisation in Glasgow and Lilongwe, Malawi // Designing and writing web-based ‘storymaps’ using Adobe Dreamweaver // Creating a web portal and a social media strategy for the Sustainable Futures in Africa strategic network //

Feb16-Ongoing // Editorial Assistant // GeoHumanities Journal // Liaising with artists contributing to the journal // Creating and maintaining online art exhibition // Assisting with journal workshops and events //

Jul11-Dec12 // Project Manager // Invisible Dust (public arts organisation) // Managing the production of high impact public art projects // Coordinating a production team // Liaising with collaborators and stakeholders // Implementing and maintaining ICT systems (email, file sharing, software installation, and communications), cashbook accounting system, and mailing lists // Writing funding applications to the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England to secure significant funding for the organization //

Conferences & Publications

Peer Reviewed

Nicholson, P. J., Dixon, D. P. and Moyo, B. H. Z. (2019) ‘Notes from a Drone Drift’, Social and Cultural Geography. (Submitted for Publication)

Nicholson, P. J., Lally, N. and Kelly, M. (2019) ‘Creative Geovisualisation’, GeoHumanities. (Pending Submission)

Nicholson, P. J. et al. (2019) ‘Malawi Stories: mapping an art-science collaborative process’, Journal of Maps. doi: 0.1080/17445647.2019.1582440.

Straughan, E. and Nicholson, P. J. (2013) ‘Sea Change’, Leonardo Reviews, (December). Available at: https://www.leonardo.info/reviews_archive/dec2013/gallant-straughan.php.

Straughan, E. and Nicholson, P. J. (2013) ‘From the Enlightenment to Test Bed for the Future: Edinburgh International Science Festival’, Leonardo Reviews, (May). Available at: https://www.leonardo.info/reviews_archive/may2013/straughan-nicholson-enlightment.php.

Conference Papers

Nicholson, P. J. (2019) ‘Spatial Video Geonarratives (SVG) for insights in Mine Risk Education (MRE) in Myanmar’, in Conference of Irish Geographers. Galway.

Nicholson, P. J. (2019) ‘Performing Creative GIS’, in American Association of Geographers Annual Conference. Washington DC.

Nicholson, P. J. (2019) ‘A Manifesto for Creative GIS’, in American Association of Geographers Annual Conference. Washington DC.

Nicholson, P. J. and Dixon, D. P. (2017) ‘Creative practice for geographical enquiry and Creative Geovisualisation’, in Royal Geographic Society – Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference. London.

Nicholson, P. J. (2017) ‘Creative Geovisualisation and the Anthropocene’, in Royal Geographic Society – Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference. London.

Nicholson, P. J. (2016) ‘GIS as a Data Heavy Practice’, in American Association of Geographers Conference. San Francisco.

Nicholson, P. J. (2013) ‘Art, Science, and Geovisualisation’, in GISRUK. Glasgow.

Conference Organising

Paper session on Creative GeoVisualisation at the 2019 RGS-IBG annual conference

Organised paper and panel sessions on the subject of Creative GeoVisualisation at the 2019 AAG annual conference

Co-organised paper and panel sessions entitled Visualising the Conserved Anthropocene at the 2017 RGS-IBG annual conference


Aug19 // Guest Lecturer // Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources // Leading an class on research ethics for Environmental Science MSc students //

Apr19 // SGSSS Spring into Methods: Locating Your Research, exploring and enabling the spatial aspects of your research data // University of Glasgow // Designing 3-day GIS workshop for PhD Candidates // Lecturing on creative uses of spatial media, digital humanities, geospatial methods for social science research // Lecturing on ethics and social implications of geospatial media // Leading geotagging field class // Teaching storymapping workshop //

Mar15 // Guest Lecturer // Lecturing on Creative Geovisualisation for MSc Cartography students // University of Glasgow //

Oct13-Mar18 // Graduate Teaching Assistant // University of Glasgow // Designing a new geovisualisation (GIS) lab class that will be part of the first-year undergraduate programme // Leading skills focused lab classes of 30-40 students // Teaching students how to design and undertake geography fieldwork, select methods, literature and develop research questions // Leading group tutorials encouraging critical reflectionion on readings on social and cultural geography // Delivering constructive feedback essays and oral assessments // Contributing to ongoing geography course design and development // Pastoral care of L2 undergraduate students // Leading GIS lab classes //

Workshops & Invited Talks

Aug19 // Presentation to Malawain Government Officials // Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources // Gave a presentation on creative geovisualisation and droning to NGO representatives, academics, students, representatives from the Malawian army and civil aviation authority //

Mar19 // Geovisualisation for Mine Risk Education Workshop // HALO Trust field offices Myanmar // Gave a presentation on creative mapping methods to HALOs mine risk education staff // Trialled spatial video geonarrative method (SVG) //

Jun18 // Geovisualisation Workshop // Landac Conference – Utrecht University // Gave a presentation on creative geovisualisation, creative methods and drone-based research in Malawi //

Mar18 // Decolonising Creative Geovisualisation Workshop // Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Malawi // I organised and led a workshop with undergraduate students at LUANAR. As a group we discussed how data had been produced, the kind of work that their data was intended to do, and the different kinds of challenges that had arisen in research practice. I also led a hands-on session on collecting data via drones, producing a 3D model of part of the campus. We focused on the nature of storymaps and the kinds of storymapping software available and how storymapping might be used to narrate different kinds of geovisualisations.

Jun17 // Zine Making Workshop // University of Glasgow // Organised zine making workshop, introducing postgrads to zine culture, examples of artist made publications, and supported them to make their own zines.

May17 // Creative Geovisualisation Workshop // University of Glasgow // I collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues from the University of Glasgow, LUANAR, and NGO Abundance on a three-day workshop discussing issues of environmental sustainability. The workshop was focused on teasing out the differences in our disciplinary perspectives and how they might apply to two sites in Malawi. The outcome of this workshop was a bespoke storymap.

Nov13 // Sounding Spaces // University of Glasgow // I co-organised and ran a workshop for artists and academics interested in sound art and sonic geographies.


Jun15 // SGSAH Summer School // Introduction to Digital Humanities // Strathclyde University // On this course I learnt how to use IOT tools such as IFTTT to capture social media posts (e.g. tweets) and process and analyse them using tools such as TagAnt, Voyant-Tools and Gephi //

Nov14 // NVIVO Training // University of Glasgow //

Sep14 GTA Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GTA ILTHE) // University of Glasgow //

Sep14// Introduction to 3D printing // MAKLAB Glasgow //

Jul14 // Free and Open Source GIS Summer School (FOSGSS) // University of Girona //


Apr17 // A Glossary for Creative GIS // University of Glasgow // Multi-channel video installation exhibited as part of my PhD viva

Nov14 // Reality’s Undisovered Window // University of Glasgow // Multi-channel video installation – Part of the Only Human? Festival of arts and humanities //

Jun13 // Touching Space-Time // University of Glasgow // Immersive Exhibition working with Astronomers in the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow as they hoped to discover gravitational waves //

Grants & Awards

// AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentship (£56,000)
// School of Culture and Creative Arts Creative Practice Fund (£200)
// School of Geographical and Earth Sciences (£300)
// Creative Enlightenment follow-on funding (£600)
// School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Mobility Fund (£980)

Hard Skills

// Adobe Creative Suite
// Gephi – network visualisation
// WordPress – setup, design, and maintenance
// Web – CSS, JavaScript, HTML
// Video Production
// Audio Production
// Desktop GIS Applications – QGIS, ArcMap
// Raspberry Pi Projects